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McGeachie, a Gaelic name believed to be derived from Eachaidh or Eochaid. The surname is arguably of both Irish and Scottish origin. Variants from the Gaelic Eochaid or Eachaidh include McGeachy, MacKeachie, McGahey, McGachy, McGachan, McGahen, McCaughan, MacGauchy, McGechie and MacEachan to name but a few.

According to leading authorities; “the name Eachaidh or Eachadha is derived from a Gaelic word for horse, and is often used interchangeably in the annals for Eochaid or Eochadha. As Eochaidh became anglicised as Oghy, Eachaidh became anglicised as Aghy”.

There are various references to the name Eochaidh or Eachaidh throughout early history. Keating’s The History of Ireland shows several pages of Eochaidhs as Irish Kings, while there are numerous Eochaidhs in the Royal line of Scotland’s Kings. In county Londonderry there is a town named Bellaghy, which when translated into Irish is Baile Eachaidh or Town of Eachaidh.

Black states Mag Eachaidh, an Ulster variant of Mag Eochadha. M’Gachie in Bordland, 1684. Neil M’Gechie in Portadow, Kilchenzie parish, 1686 (Argyll). Robert M’Keachie in Darnow 1711 (Wigtown).

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The Council of Amigerous Clans and Families of Scotland.

Is a body consisting of the heads of individual Armigerous Families, one to represent each Armigerous Clan.

Members sit on the Council by right of their election by the other armigers of their respective Clans.

Scots armigers who do not sit on the Council may join as ‘Associate Members’ and organisations or individuals may join as ‘Supporting Members’ for more information

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This Forum is for the research, history and origins of the surname McGeachie and other various spellings.

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Find out more about our Scottish Heraldry, see how the different elements are used to complete the design of the Coat of Arms.

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Follow this link to see the two Tartans that are available for our surname, and how we came to those designs.

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Y- DNA Project ….

The purpose of the McGeachie Y- DNA project is to collect as many Y Chromosome samples from males with the surnames “McGeachie/McGeachy/McGechie” or variant and compile the data into charts and try to find the Most Recent Common Ancestor.

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Council Member & Secretary

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